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~..::Life After Daddy::..~

The Hebridean Queen
11 July 1989
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Life After Daddy

01. Gni
Brit of Scottish origin, writer, fangirl, feminist, queer. Possessed of a first class degree in English Literature from a really rather reputable university, but mostly just uses it to scare people who are wrong on the internet. This is petty and will probably get her into trouble eventually.

02. Further More
I prefer fantasy to reality (for the most part). I dislike the cold and read a lot of books and watch even more TV. I tend to have a lot of opinions. My religious zealotry ends with my devotion to the ancient Greek deities, my worship of Aphra Behn, Angela Carter and Jacqueline Carey. My love of all things literary is outshone only by my love of the BBC's Merlin, although these days I'm mostly watching out of devotion to Angel Coulby (who deserves the audience) and Katie McGrath's cleavage (which never ceases to impress).

03. Never More
Currently off to filmschool and shall subsequently be embarking upon plans to conquer the world.

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