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Jenny and Vastra_Beloved

TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal...
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Friending policy: feel free to add me. For the most part, though, I only friend people if we've interacted more than once elsewhere, because 98% of what I post here, whilst terminally dull, is also fairly personal and I like to have some notion that the people who are reading it are not evil robots using the content to CONQUER THE WORLD.
25th-Dec-2012 08:29 pm - Fic: Hairy Apes and Stubborn Lizards
Uther_Serious Problems
Title: Hairy Apes and Stubborn Lizards
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jenny/Vastra
Word Count: 3490
Summary: The early days of Vastra and Jenny's relationship, as they get to know each other, and fall somewhat awkwardly in love.

Hairy Apes and Stubborn Lizards

People think it must be an ugly thing, holding a scaled creature close.Collapse )

15th-Oct-2012 11:24 pm - Fic: Her Honour
Jenny and Vastra_Beloved

Title: Her Honour
Author: gnimaerd
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Mordred/Morgana
Summary: Short vignette; Mordred defends Morgana’s honour, Morgana is amused that he thinks he has to.

Notes:This could be taken as either a missing scene or an AU from 5x02. However, I may be on the verge of writing a little series of these (HALP), in which case it will be the start of an AU since in my version Mordred will come to the conclusion that snuggling Morgana may be a better way to stop her than

Spoilers!Collapse )

Her HonourCollapse )
1st-Mar-2012 06:47 pm - Fic: Midnight in Egypt
Title: Midnight in Egypt
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Upstairs Downstairs
Pairing: Blanche/Portia
Summary: Which is how Blanche found herself, much to her own bewilderment, sat on a blanket on Portia Fielding’s bed in her hotel room at a little after one in the morning, stripped to a man’s vest and shorts, as Portia warmed a bowl of oil over a candle and chattered cheerfully about trapped nerves and the benefits of massage therapy.

Note: Another 'meeting' fic, now with added smut.

Blanche rather liked argumentative women.Collapse )

27th-Feb-2012 07:00 pm - Fic: Hats and Pirates
Jenny and Vastra_Beloved
Title: Hats and Pirates
Fandom: Upstairs Downstairs
Pairing: Blanche/Portia
Rating: PG
Summary: The first time they meet, Portia steals Blanche’s hat and Blanche save’s Portia’s life.

AN: Guess what I spent today doing instead of working on my essays? :P

She could shoot a grown man in the face but confronted by a trembling and impassioned Lady Portia Fielding she was entirely at a loss.Collapse )

26th-Jan-2012 07:06 pm - Fic: Innocuous Places
Jenny and Vastra_Beloved
Title: Innocuous Places
Pairing: Morgana/Gwen, Morgana/Morgause, Gwen/Arthur,  Gwen/Merlin
Rating: R
Warnings/Spoilers: Cheating, vague S4 spoilers
Summary: Modern day AU; Gwen has the misfortune to discover that the only woman on earth whom she has ever wanted to have sex with is also her fiance's sister. 

Notes: This story is for whatcriddid, for poking me into entering a screen writing competition I ended up doing quite well at. HURRAH.

They do it in the dark, because that makes it easier to pretend that it isn't happening.Collapse )

20th-Oct-2011 08:00 pm - So this happened.
Jenny and Vastra_Beloved
Today I saw something on tumblr that pissed me off.

I haven't talked much about Merlin on here in aaaaages chiefly cause I'm not all that active in the fandom anymore, despite still loving the show and its cast. Also I feel like everything I could say about my issues with it has already been said and really there's no more to add at this stage when I'd rather be focusing on enjoying Merlin for what it is than castigating it for failing to be what I wish it was. 

But there are days when I wish I was a bit more involved in fandom, if only to stop people getting away with shit like this:

(note the tags, btw)

I don't care what anyone says - the fandom is NOT 99% Merlin/Arthur OTP-ers and it grinds my gears when slashers insist on this idea, because it's an incredibly arrogant thing to claim and essentially erases my experiences and contributions to the fandom - and the experiences and contributions of a lot of my friends - as someone who couldn't give less of a crap about Arthur and Merlin's relationship.

Besides which, it patently isn't true for anyone who has bothered to step outside of the Arthur/Merlin bubbles that exist in the fandom as a whole. I would suspect Arthur/Merlin shippers DO constitute the majority, don't get me wrong, but not by that much. My rough estimation is 50% Merlin/Arthur shippers, 30% Arthur/Gwen shippers and 20% everyone else, and of those Arthur/Merlin shippers I'd guess many of them are multishippers who, even if their main interest is Merlin/Arthur, do enjoy other elements of the show. 

Beyond that, it's completely laughable to think that the majority of Merlin's VIEWERSHIP is only interested in Arthur and Merlin's relationship. I'm sorry but the fandom, which is much more diverse than these people are claiming anyway, probably numbers hundreds of thousands. The viewership, meanwhile, numbers MILLIONS. Proportionally, the fandom is a tiny fraction of Merlin's actual audience and the slashers have no business claiming to speak for 99% of them.

Ultimately, however, this claim is actually irrelevant - and THAT is what drove me to reblog with the wee mini meta essay I did, on the politics of inclusion in mass media and the history of romance/hero narratives in western culture. 

There is, in essence, a REASON why myself and so many others insist on the importance of the inclusion of women on this show and it has nothing to do with what a bunch of privileged straight girls want to fuel their porn with. 

This is what I responded with:

WARNING: ramblings of a queer and/or political nature about why representation is so damn important and ESPECIALLY on this showCollapse )

I think this as close as I have come to coherently summing up my feelings on the issue in the last couple of years, tbh. I love Merlin. I think this show is pretty fucking fantastic, actually, whatever its detractors. But that wont stop me saying over and over that the Merlin/Arthur dynamic is over-emphasised to a damaging degree and that the show would be better and frankly far more interesting and original if it would give the women some space to develop in their own right.

Take for instance, the fact that NEITHER of the main girls are in this Saturday's episode. I think that's utterly appalling because would we ever get an episode that didn't feature either of the boys? Or featured them only in a few scenes in which they exclusively interact with women and carry out actions that will effect women or have been effected by women?

Hells no. So why are the women being treated like that? It's unnecessary and frustrating and frankly just kinda unoriginal. 

We arrived at Kapow at eight this morning and once they let us in went straight to the signing booth. So we basically queued from nine in the morning for nearly four hours.

I had a packet of crisps and a donut to eat through all of that (having had absolutely no breakfast) and by the time the cast actually arrived I was getting a bit worried that I was going to pass out - that long on my feet without real food was NOT FUN. But - BUT. oh my god. Totally worth it. Also actually, aside from the 'nearly going to pass out' issue the queuing experience wasn't at all bad. Far, far better than Expo, anyway. The staff were engaged, interested and helpful - they asked us how we were doing, they kept us updated about where the cast were and they were generally friendly and savvy about how to run things. It was extremely reassuring, and the people in the front of the queue with us were awesome.

Front of queue peeps and me with the 'MERLIN SIGNING!' sign we were holding up so that other fangirls would know where to go :PCollapse )

To entertain ourselves we played with doylefan22 's Morgana and Gwen dolls, and sent Bradley a twitpic of us sayign 'GREETINGS FROM THE FRONT OF THE QUEUE!'

Still, I really really wish the cast had got there on time because I know they didn't get through even half the queue of people waiting which is SO sad. I felt awful for the people at the back. D:



So the cast finally arrived and because me and doylefan22 WERE the front of the queue Katie and Angel were RIGHT FREAKING THERE. And the moment Katie spotted me she waved and said 'HI! HI HUGO! How are you?!' and I was all giggle!squeeing.

Here, in JUST ABOUT the right order is what happened next:

  • I was all ‘you shouldn’t call me that - Bradders complained on the dvds.’
  • And Katie said ‘Bradley has Hugo envy. Ignore him. HOW ARE YOU, HUGO?’
  • And I was like ‘I am really tired but I’m fine. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIGN ALL MY STUFF?’
  • And she signed all my stuff and her and Angel were TOTALLY gorgeous sweethearts who were all ‘omg bless you poor things’ when we told them we’d been there since nine and thanked us for coming.
  • We showed them our sign
  • doylefan22 showed the girls the little Gwen and Morgana dolls she’d made (which are ADORABLE) and the girls MELTED and Katie was like ‘YOU GUYS ALWAYS MAKE THE BEST STUFF.’
  • Also Katie does tapestry. Tapestry. And the woman wonders why her fangirls love her so.
  • And she said to me ‘I LOVE your outfit.’
  • And I was all ‘awwww KATIE….’
  • And she said ‘You are always so well dressed!’
  • And I said ‘I try…’
  • And she said ‘YOU SUCCEED.’
  • And I wanted to MARRY HER omg.
  • And then the boys were all ‘HELLO. We should sign stuff for you too, y/y?’
  • And they signed our stuff and Bradley went ‘OH YOU SENT ME A PIC ON TWITTER. YOU’RE THE FRONT OF THE QUEUE.’
  • And we said ‘YES!’
  • And Bradley was side-eyeing me all ‘I REMEMBER YOU.’
  • And I was like ‘yes you probably do.’
  • And he said ‘I recognise your voice. You always ask questions. You like to ask LONG questions.’
  • And I said ‘yes, I like to chatter.’
  • And they signed all our stuff and were really nice and I had to spell my name twice for Bradley (two silent letters - admittedly it’s NOT a signing-friendly name).
Katie and Angel signing!Collapse )And then we had to go, because it was already clear that the signing was not going to get through all of the queue and so they needed to step up the pace. It was so quick, atcually, that I realised I'd forgotten to thank Colin for being so grascious in the foyer of the cinema where I'd last seen him (at the screening of Island ) and being so kind to my friend who'd never met him before. I'll just have to thank him next time.

ANYWAY. Then to the panel queue, to sit down after four hours of standing which was SUCH a relief, omg. We all collapsed, and examined our signed things and shared our squee.

The panel itself was a lot better than the Expo ones, chiefly because, miracle of miracles, we should actually hear the cast. The accustics were MUCH better. Although I actually physically couldn't see Katie's face at first - I ended up having to kneel up on my chair - the stage the cast was on was a bit too low in relation to the audience.

Anyway, Katie waved at me the moment she spotted me and I could have DIED.

This is as much as I remember from the panel:

+Katie being all FUCK YEAH when the compere said 'And Katie's from Ireland so she's just great.'

+I asked the first question. What I wanted to ask, basically, was whether the loss of Morgana's 'grey areas' was deliberate or simply the result of time-constrictions on the episodes meaning that they just don't have the time to keep in the scenes where we get better windows into Morgana's motivations (and I think what I came out from that with was that yes, it is a time-constriction issue, which I guessed - but I also kind of wanted to make the point that we're NOT seeing all the grey ares they're filming and that's kind of sad). Anyway, after they'd answered my question Katie grinned at me, mouthed thank you! and gave me two thumbs up (I thumbsed-up back. ^_^)

+The character swap question - in which Angel said she'd be Arthur, because she'd get a sword, and Katie was like '...I want to keep my character!' and Angel said 'well you be Merlin then - if I'm Arthur, you have to be Merlin.' And Katie was like 'OKAY!' and I was like '....oh GIRLS.' Also Bradley going 'wellllll I suppose I'd want to be someone who's both magic and evil, since Arthur is not evil and has no magic.' And from the audience I said 'so, you'd be Morgana then, essentially.' and that got a laugh. :P

One of the things that actually kept the atmosphere of this panel so lovely was that calling things from the audience was fairly acceptable but no one over-used the privilige to shout stuff that was embarassing or inappropriate. It was all friendly stuff, and the accoustics made it easy for everyone to make themselves heard without having to shout. There was quite a bit of banter between the cast, the compere and people from the audience interjecting throughout. It was all kinds of hilarious.

My memory of much of the panel is honestly pretty blurry. I was SO exhausted by that point - mostly I remember it being a really great, relaxed, friendly atmosphere and also that it went by far, far too quickly.
Couple of panel pics:Collapse )

After it was over we all trailed out, collected various people and went off to meet up with la_esmeralda_  and kepp0xy  (who hadn't been able to make it cause they were working) in a nearby pub to debrief, squee and EAT.

But yes - overall kapow! was a really, really positive experience. The signing needed to have been slightly better organised but the atmosphere and how firnedly it all was more than made up for that. I hope the cast attend next year as well. But now, seriously, I have to crash.
20th-Feb-2011 08:05 pm - So today I poked Colin Morgan.
Yeah that about sums it up. :P

We got lucky coming up the escalator because he was like three feet ahead of me, kathkin  and Clarissa, and he was hanging round outside the screen with various people he clearly knew. Clarissa was like 'nooooo no i can't go up to him noooo' and I was like 'DO IT OR REGRET IT FOREVARRRR.' And then I grabbed her arm and towed her over to him and gave his arm a little nudge and introduced her.

It was WEIRDLY easy for me. Idk. I was a little bit jittery seeing him that close-to without the decorum-enforcing boundary of a signing table and security right there (BECAUSE HE'S MERLIN) but I had weirdly few hang-ups about striding up to him. I waited until he'd finished talking to his friends first and there was hardly anyone else around and he was just this very ordinary looking young guy in way-too-baggy-jeans, so it just felt kind of natural. Like making friendly chit-chat with a stranger outside a cinema like you would with anyone if you were waiting in a queue or something.

He asked where we were from and we told him Edinburgh/Canadia and then that we'd all read the book and he looked relieved and said 'oh so you know it's pretty dark then?' I think he was worried about traumatising poor innocent Merlin fangirls (and I was like 'OH COLIN. YOU HAVEN'T READ OUR FANFICTION.') There was like a few seconds when we were talking about how interesting the book was, then I told him we were sure he'd do it justice and he thanked us and then we went into the screen.

It was probably the best experience I've had with a cast member because it was so relaxed and easy. After the screening he was swamped by fangirls but by that point I was more interested in talking to the writer of the film, who was also there for the Q&A - this was her first big production and I quizzed her on her process and she was REALLY nice and told me to contact her on facebook if I had any more questions when we were finally ushered out of the cinema.

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